USO New York Set to Welcome Visiting Sailors, Marines & Coast Guardsmen During Fleet Week 2023

In a matter of days, New York City will be awash with service members decked out in their dress blues and dress whites when 2023 Fleet Week officially kicks off. More than 2,500 sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen will flock to the city’s top tourist attractions and participate in a time-honored tradition that dates back to 1898.

And the USO plans to be there for the men and women of the sea services every step of the way. Throughout the week, the USO will have various popup centers in pivotal Manhattan locations, as well as provide services to service members at the Homeport Pier on Staten Island.

The USO’s premier activation is the pop-up center at Pier 88. Thanks to generous partners and donors, service members will be treated to a variety of refreshments, a comfortable lounge area, outdoor games and a digital gaming setup. Whether they are coming off the ship or headed back after a day on the town, service members can stop by for a much-needed moment of respite.

The USO will also have a pop-up center in the heart of Midtown, located in the famous Times Square. Much like the center at Pier 88, there will be a variety of refreshments and a lounge area to relax. Service members will also be able to take home a memento from their time in the city by using the center’s photo booth setup.

A new addition to the USO’s lineup is “Celebrating Women in the Sea Services.” This networking and breakfast event will feature a keynote speech by Lt. Kellie Sbrocchi, a U.S. Navy human resources officer, and a panel of five extraordinary women who have served in the military and have found success in a diverse set of industries. Those women are:

  • Haley McClain Hill, Air Force veteran and CEO at TORCH Warriorwear
  • Jackie Chang, Army veteran and Media Strategist at the National Football League
  • Ginger Kelley, Marine Corps veteran and Partner at EY
  • Erica Jeffries Purdo, Army veteran and Vice President at Johnson & Johnson
  • Noriko Utzig, Army veteran and Executive Director at UBS

The panelists will share their journey of transitioning out of the military into the civilian workforce, as well as their experiences in uniform. The goal is to expose these active-duty women to resources that will help them prepare for their futures. One of those resources is the USO Pathfinder® Transition Program.

Through the program, the USO is making the process of transitioning in or out of military life as seamless as possible. It offers active duty, Reserve, National Guard and military spouses individualized action plans based on personal and professional goals, a wide range of employment, education, and financial readiness tools, and mentorship opportunities.

New York City is in for a jam-packed week of military celebrations and demonstrations, and the USO is ready to serve all the visiting sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen!

For more information on the USO’s Fleet Week events, visit Fleet Week 2023

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