Get to Know Team USO Runner Dustin Winton

Dustin Winton is a member of Team USO running in the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon and raising funds on behalf of the USO. Let’s get to know more about Dustin!


     - Distance Running      - Traveling      - Subaru car enthusiast

Favorite Movies:

     - “The Avengers”      - “Back to the Future”      - “Star Wars”

Favorite Music/Musicians:

     - Metallica      - Foo Fighters      - Tool

Celebrities He’d Love to Meet:

      - Patrick Mahomes      - Travis Kelce      - Salvador Perez      - Joe Montana

Favorite Sports Team/Athlete:

     - Kansas City Chiefs      - Patrick Mahomes

Favorite TV Shows:

     - “Game of Thrones”      - “Shameless”      - “Ozark”

Favorite Books:

     - “Greenlights”      - “The Storyteller”      - “Yeager: An Autobiography”

Why he is excited to represent Team USO:

Dustin is excited to represent Team USO because it allows him to fundraise for a great organization while also doing something he absolutely enjoys.

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