USO New York MEPS is Open!

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Members from USAA, USO, Turner Construction and Col. Martin cut the ribbon to the new MEPS center.

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Inside the new MEPS center.

USO New York MEPS is now open!

On December 14th, 2021, the United Service Organizations (USO) held ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the newest Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) center in the second largest MEPS in the country, providing an introduction to those going through the application process to join our nation’s Armed Services.

The New York MEPS processes an average 100 applicants daily. USO volunteers will greet and welcome these applicants, providing what is often a first ever interaction with the USO for most applicants. “For the men and women who will walk into this MEPS center, they are not simply starting a new job. It is so much more,” said Sheila Lennon, USO’s Executive Director of New York & Connecticut. “These young patriots are starting a new journey. They are committing to a new way of life—a life dedicated to our nation.” The USO is proud to support the applicants during the beginning of their journey.

This MEPS center was made possible thanks to USO’s partners, USAA & Turner Construction.

The USO New York MEPS doors were not able to open until January 24, 2022, due to COVID restrictions. We are excited to officially open our doors to applicants with the help of our dedicated volunteers!

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